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Making Costa Rica a World Class Destination for the Arts
Making Costa Rica a World Class Destination for the Arts
More than 65 artists - 15 rooms of art
Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm
Costa Rican Fine Art
A Haven for the Arts
More than 65 artists - 15 rooms of Art
Hidden Garden Art Gallery
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A Passion For Art In Guanacaste

Guanacaste ArtGuanacaste consists of amazing and temperate soil: always warm, where the savannah grasslands meet an exquisite blue sea, and the green forests reach the soft and heavenly beaches.

This land was clearly favored during Creation, and this affects its people, drawing inspiration. The Muses flutter overhead, and all this becomes manifested into art.

But where are all these artworks? Until some time ago, it was very difficult to find. Artists remained hidden, simply hanging pictures in their rooms or into friends and family’s houses. To develop as artists they had to travel to San Jose and reside there.
But several years ago a person arrived who dared to forge a career from nothing. After traveling to many places and occasionally painting jungle images, he plunged into the sea and marveled at its beauty. To this day, he is dedicated to memorialize the fascinating underwater landscapes of Guanacaste and its creatures.

Carlos Hiller developed his entire career in Guanacaste, and also traveled to display his artwork in different parts of the world, proving that is possible to make a living from art in Guanacaste! But seeing the talent in his own friends and so many people around him with a lot of creativity, and with the experience gained over many years, Hiller became involved in a project to create a gallery, which over time grew to become the largest in the province, with over 50 artists represented, over 300 works of art in continuous exhibition, and continues to grow every day. Definitely a big change for a region without a space dedicated to the arts!

Today at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, we follow the careers of emerging artists, prepare bimonthly exhibitions, and facilitate the meeting between artist and audience. The surprises have been many as we see emerging artists beginning to sell their works, not only to residents but to tourists who take the artworks with them as they travel to distant destinations. Carlos Hiller also has two rooms devoted to his paintings of underwater images, the only permanent exhibition in the country. Working mainly with local artists like Hiller, the gallery always has new and exciting works. It is often easy for visitors to meet artists at the gallery, especially on Saturdays during the gallery's vendor fair with alternative products.

The Hidden Garden Gallery is located 5 km west of International Airport of Liberia, Guanacaste, between the German bakery and Payless Rent a Car. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm. For an appointment after hours please call 8386-6872.

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