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Otto Apuy

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For over five decades Otto Apuy has been developing as an artist.  Born in Cañas, Guanacaste, Apuy has studied communications at the University of Costa Rica and later art at various institutions in Barcelona, Spain, where he lived for eleven years before returning to Costa Rica

In his earliest years he explored oil painting in a self-taught manner, painting still-life and landscape themes.In his adolescence he moved on to abstract work.Over the years this multi-faceted artist continued growing his professional interests, which have included social and ecological concerns, a search for his own professional identity in conceptual art, and his work as a communicator.

He is a pioneer in Costa Rica in conceptual art, installations and performance art, video art, painted sculpture, and intervened objects, and has evidenced a multimedia attitude that has expressed itself in his capacity as a writer, with twelve books of poetry, short stories and novels published.

Apuy has won several national and international prizes, including National Prize in Drawing in 1977, Grand Prize of the National Sculpture Biennial in 1995, Bienarte Prize in Painting in 1989.He is an Hijo Predilecto (favorite son) of his hometown of Cañas.

"Focus" is a selection of works from different periods of Apuy’s career and includes paintings, works on paper, objects, videos and installation  effects, it represents a retrospective for exhibition in Guanacaste, and is a must-see for art lovers. For this exhibition, Apuy has also created an installation for display in the garden, called "Territorial Unit.” is composed of bull horns and other natural elements recalling the territorial unity of Guanacaste with an aesthetic and historical focus.

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Originals and Limited Editions, Artist Otto Apuy
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