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Otto Apuy: Multimedia Artist

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Otto Apuy: A Multimedia Artist

Painting chicken talons to observe the colorful chaos in his backyard was probably the first hint that Otto Apuy was destined to become an artist; or perhaps it was at age 12 when he designed hand-painted posters for the first movie theatre in Cañas, Guanacaste. Considered a rebel by his parents and teachers, Apuy created monotypes by stamping the walls with painted objects, and experimented in his drawings pasting fruits on the wrong species of trees. The reprimands for his unruly behavior strengthened his determination.

Fast-forward 52 years and you have the Otto Apuy of 2012: an avid explorer of visual arts and poetry, whose prolific journey has shaped both himself and the advancement of art in Costa Rica. Apuy is known as "the favorite son" of Cañas, his birthplace, where his artistic work with ceramic tiles and cast iron covers the exterior of the Catholic church.

Apuy’s artistic talented was refined in the mid-70s, when he moved to Barcelona to confront movements in Avant garde. Within two months he was exhibiting at the Picasso Gallery; and in 1979 he published his first book, "Diabolica".

Returning to Costa Rica in 1985, Apuy found his roots and conceptual plantation, and became a pioneer of multimedia art. "Contemporary art changes with each generation," Apuy said, "and at that time, artists began to emerge from the new school of arts. For the first time, we had many artists from outside Costa Rica, which created strong influences."

Much of Apuy's art echoes his views on the historical climate with political and environmental themes, such as his "mesa" series (depicting broken or empty tables) to represent the economic crisis in Costa Rica during the 1980s, when families struggled to keep food on the table. His most recent installation, “Unity for Guanacaste” is a call to the communities of Paquera and Lepanto, and the islands of Chira and Lagarto to reunite with the province of Guanacaste.

Otto Apuy has had more than 100 exhibitions around the world, both individual and collective, and has received numerous awards including Costa Rica’s Gran Premio Biennial of Sculpture and Bienarte Central America.

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