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Lic. Miguel Fajardo Corea
Mauro Fernández National Education Award

Since March 2010, Hidden Garden Art Gallery opened its doors in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The gallery owners are Gregory Golojuch and Charlene Golojuch, originally from Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Hidden Garden Art Gallery's motto is “The best of Costa Rica, expressed through art." Its directors tell us that: “Costa Rica has been blessed with talented artists, and we are honored to represent many of them. We emphasize that we offer high quality works of art, created locally and we creatively tell the stories of the artists and their important works ."

The art gallery is located on a property, known as "El Jardín Escondido," designed 20 years ago by Patrick Cellucci, a French landscaper married to Guanacaste artist Tatiana Montano Romero. The botanical and organic garden comprises an area of approximately one hectare. Cellucci expressed his talent in the design of the building's gardens in the Roman-Mediterranean style. The gallery is almost "hidden" by the beauty of the gardens. The dimensions that comprise the gallery are 400 square meters in floor space, with around 300 square meters of wall space.

Currently, Hidden Garden Art Gallery has the representation of 47 national artists. Likewise, there are two new artists who have postponed their exhibitions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Gallery's artistic catalog includes important names such as the following: Otto Apuy, Fabio Herrera, Florencia Urbina, Karen Clachar, Guadalupe Urbina, Mario Maffioli, Carlos Hiller, Rebeca Soto, Deirdre Hyde, Ulises Obregón Jiménez, Lorena Villalobos, Gilberto Aquino , Juan Carlos Ruiz Soto, Hernán Pérez Pérez, Alonso Durán and Susan Adams, to name a few.

Regarding the work methodology, Gregory Golojuch and Charlene Golojuch tell us: “We study, support and exhibit emerging artists, established artists and renowned artists. We are a business of commercial galleries, where collectors buy works of art on display."

Charlene and Gregory Golojuch define the concept with which they run the gallery, namely: “The gallery has been exhibiting a wide variety of artistic media since our inception. Located just five kilometers from the Daniel Oduber Airport, we present a wide variety of oils, acrylics and watercolors; sculptures in wood, metal and stone. The wide range of styles presented at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery ranges from classics, realism and social realism, to abstractionism and surrealism."  Regarding the projection of the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, the directors continue to promote and encourage art in Costa Rica. They sponsor community events in order to raise awareness. And they create a list of visitors, to whom they send monthly updates on new art, news and upcoming events.

Based on their experience of an artistic decade, the directors have been able to locate their audience in four segments, namely:

1. New and existing residents in the region who seek to decorate and furnish their first homes, along with retirees replacing decorative items or establishing a second home.

2. Art enthusiasts with a great appreciation for art, interested in the high quality and local creation of the works of art presented.

3. Tourists visiting the area are interested in local art or souvenirs. They have become a tourist destination for this area due to the large showroom of local artwork.

4. Educational groups, with the effort to provide local artistic culture in Guanacaste and the types of media with which artists work.

In their community outreach and artistic outreach, they conduct guided visits to the students and professors of the University of Costa Rica, at least once a year. They also have visits from other educational institutions, such as Dolphin Academy, CENIT of Liberia, Lakeside International, the National University and the Professional Technical College of Cañas, among others.  Within the cultural activities of artistic promotion for the community, they have carried out the "Pintando en Vivo" (live paintings), with the collaboration of artists such as Carlos Hiller, to promote art in nearby communities, like Playas del Coco, San Blas, Los Lagos and Sardinal, to name a few.

In recent years, painting workshops for children and young people have been shared, with the sponsorship and support of different artists. In addition, between 35 and 40 solo artist exhibitions have been organized at the gallery, as well as several group exhibitions. Along the same lines, the gallery maintained a 40-square-meter exhibition space at Daniel Oduber Airport for approximately five years, where they hosted 12 art exhibitions. In addition, the gallery maintained exhibition space at the Guanacaste Pacífico Medical Center and CIMA Guanacaste, with 12 exhibitions over four years.

The Gallery has 15 exhibition rooms. Currently, it exhibits more than 600 works of art, in a conjunction of original paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs. In another of its contributions, the gallery maintains 16 foreign artists in its catalog, however, all art is created in Costa Rica, since most of these artists live permanently in Costa Rica.

Gregory Golojuch and Charlene Golojuch, its North American directors, express in their message to the public that: “Whether it is a painting, an engraving or a sculpture, being surrounded by art has a great impact on our attitudes and emotions, making us feel happier, calm or inspired. Art connects culture with our belongings, creating important sentimental and cultural values. It gives meaning to our lives, and helps preserve the culture and societies of a region. Art allows people from different countries to communicate with each other and reaches people on a basic emotional level, reducing the gap between culture."

The gallery has received the attention of various press media and organizations, which promoted both the gallery and some artist exhibitions, such as: Repretel, SineArt, Anexión TV, Canal 36, Guanacaste, La Nación, Al Día , Utopia Magazine, Radio Dos, The Tico Times, AM Costa Rica, Nature Air’s Landing magazine, The Howler Magazine; and is now joined by the newspaper ANEXIÓN, to publicize the splendid artistic work carried out by the Hidden Garden Art Gallery from Guanacaste.

In summary, the existence of the Hidden Garden gallery is very important to promote artistic taste, both for nationals and foreigners who visit Guanacaste. Remember that just five kilometers from the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, in Liberia, there is an art gallery.

We recommend you visit it and, to the extent of your possibilities, acquire some of the beautiful works on display and sale, where they will be very kindly attended by the gallery owners Gregory Golojuch and Charlene Golojuch, with the artistic accompaniment of the Guanacaste artist Tatiana Montano Romero and French landscaper Patrick Cellucci.

We invite you to coordinate visits and acquire information about Hidden Garden Art Gallery at the following sites:

www.HiddenGardenArt.com        info@HiddenGardenArt.com
Teléfonos: (506) 8588-0024 / (506) 2667-0592

Work of the artists: Alonso Durán (painting) and Michael Baker (sculpture).

Translation to English by Hidden Garden Art Gallery
Thursday, December 31, 2020

Works by the artists: Eloy Zúñíga (left painting), Rebeca Alvarado Soto (central painting) and Ulises Jiménez Obregón (sculpture).
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