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"Abstraccionísimo" by Christian Porras Piedra

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Abstraccionísimo: The World of C Po Pie (Spanish pronunciation: see po pee-ay)

Expressing his creativity with palette and brush in hand, C Po Pie (the penname for artist Christian Porras Piedra) starts to paint; liberating the endless images that unfold in his daily world, and he confronts the challenge of creating. His talents are like the abundant harvest from a productive and imaginary tree planted many years ago by himself.

A long time ago, perhaps fifteen years or so, the artistry and craft consumed him. Joining art courses, devouring books and studies,frequenting workshops of consolidated Costa Rican artists, C Po Pie put into practice the teachings of his mentors, yet flourished with his own style. Developing his own techniques and flair, Porras exhibited his work both within and outside of his native Costa Rica, in places where his pictorial work creates the buzz and interest of spectators. Today C Po Pie, is noticed once again through fresh language, typical of those who love art.

Abstraccionísimo, in the blink of an eye, is a change that was seen coming in C Po Pie, a jump that he longed to do and capture a unique way.

Abstraccionísimo, like fabric … formulating his representations, versatile and manipulated, converted in landscapes, in shadows, in light, and in things various adaptations.

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