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Mariana Apéstegui

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With a Masters in Fine Arts in New Media, Bachelor of Arts in psychology, Mariana Apéstegui Pinto dedicates her practice to researching upon the healing qualities of the art making process. Illustration, painting, mixed media techniques and the emotional connections between artwork, materials and forms have been the basis of her explorative work.

From the artist:
I am a Costa Rican artist and designer focused on highlighting the benefits of the art-making process and putting love and joy into each piece I create. My inspiration comes from everyday experiences which I translate into visual forms.

Inspired by minimalism and abstract design, my work aims to accentuate the beauty of the shapes that surround us. My favorite shapes are the ones that I can't put a figure to. My work is meant to be visualized and thought about. It's a study on how forms shape emotion. I love what I do and this is my way of sharing my passion with the world!
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