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Mael Victory

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Given both the volume and caliber of his many works, one may well think they were viewing the creations of a seasoned veteran painter. However, when Mael Victory began painting at the age of four few would have guessed that only a year later his works would be hanging in local galleries. At the age of six Mael's work really began to forge its own identity when he began working with canvas in his own studio. Now, at the age of 14 this Costa Rican artist's work is drawing attention from galleries and collectors for its abstract juxtapositions of bright colors, and unique contemporary flavors.
Born to expat parents in a remote jungle village in Costa Rica, it makes sense that Mael has chosen environmental issues as the overriding theme of many of his works. With zero formal art training Mael has developed into an independent, authentic young abstract painter whose sweeping, untamed brush strokes are just one of many hallmarks unique to his work. A selection of Mael's work currently adorns the walls of various collectors homes and art galleries around the globe.
Works by Mael Victory
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