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Donaldo Voelker: Inspired by Paul Gauguin’s exit from the pressure-filled world of Paris to find tranquility in the tropics as a painter, artist Donaldo Voelker followed his dream and made Costa Rica his home ten years ago.  As an art historian, he devours books and styles of the great European Masters, specifically the post-impressionists and expressionists. Favoring the life and customs of people, the traditions and communities in Costa Rica have been the catalyst for his works. With strong lines and complimentary colors typically found in the style of post-impressionism and the expressionists, Voelker's art depicts and symbolizes this culture.  Now, when starting a new painting, he ponders the question, “How would these Masters approach this subject?” Paul Gauguin is well-known for his sojourns to the South Seas to paint innocent native life amidst unspoiled nature. When painting a local scene, Voelker asks rhetorically, “If Gauguin had resided in Costa Rica, how different would his art output look?”

Read about Donaldo Voelker in La Nacion, Ancora
, and in A.M. Costa Rica.
Exhibit Opening: June 18, 2011.

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