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Allan Murillo

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Allan Murillo hails from a picturesque Costa Rican town called Pital de San Carlos.  The area is prized for its serene, all-encompassing commune with nature. At age 16, Alan’s family moved to San Jose where he soon began his studies as a graphic designer in fine arts at the University of Costa Rica. From childhood Allan displayed a special talent for drawing, taking his keen love of his natural surroundings and meticulously rendering them on paper.  Birds and animals: all transposed in infinite detail to his work. Whether manual or digital Allan unites these diverse forms to truly express his love of the art form.

From the artist:
Spending time in my garden is good for my soul. Through my work, I attempt to bring the outside in and strive to recreate as accurately as possible the living world which presents itself to me so beautifully.  Blessed with the magnificent view from my balcony, the birds and other sounds remind me to temper my everyday bustle with the calm of nature which enthralls us with diversity and the unexpected”

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